Hot dog and fries for dessert?

For our annual Cub Scout cake auction, I had suggested making a “pizza” cake like one of these. But my Cub Scout didn’t care for the idea. Instead we ended up taking a different faux food creation: hot dog and fries.

I discovered that mixing frosting to match the color of a hot dog is not easy, even after having cooked a batch of hot dogs for supper to use as models. I also learned that chocolate syrup is much more effective than brown food coloring gel at giving a brown hue to vanilla icing. (The instructions said to mix red and brown, but I figured chocolate icing would be too dark to start with.)

Relish was relatively easy, and my older son is enjoying the rest of the gummy worms. Mustard turned out pretty easy too – with the help of just a drop of chocolate syrup. Adding more red food coloring to the frosting left over from making my hot dog made a decent ketchup.

I did find myself wondering how my cake would compare nutritionally with its fast-food inspiration. I would think my version would be lower in fat and sodium, but of course higher in sugar. And while my hot dog lacks some of those chemicals that hot dogs are notorious for, Twinkies (yes, that’s what’s under the frosting and condiments) are known for their long shelf life (though it’s hardly as long as the urban legends say).


2 Responses to Hot dog and fries for dessert?

  1. Margaret says:

    Well, Pauline, you’ve come a long way from what Mother would have done for Cub Scouts if she had had a son. I love it!

  2. Karen O says:

    Really cute & clever, Pauline!

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