A visit to Holland (Michigan)

We just got back from a two-day road trip to Michigan and back. We visited relatives (Jon’s grandmother will be 94 in eight days) in Canton, then got up early this morning to head west to Holland, Michigan. Our older son auditioned for music scholarships at Hope College. Then we did a brief walking tour of downtown to find a place to eat lunch before heading back to Iowa.

We didn’t have time to see much of the town, but if Zach goes to college there I look forward to seeing more of it. Tulip farms, a shoe factory, a lighthouse, even a Tulip Festival if we get there in May. I’m not so interested in tulips, but I would love to see the Dutch folk dances.

What we did get to see, and I look forward to seeing more of, is some statues. I have visited other cities with statues of lifesize people doing ordinary things (as opposed to war heroes on horseback). One of my favorites was in Knoxville, where I took a photo of a man rowing a boat (the one linked to here is not my photo). Here in Holland, I was quite taken with the statue of some musicians. (I suggested our musician son get up and stand with them for me to take his picture, but he was more interested in lunch.)

Since I didn’t take a picture, I looked for one online. I found one on this very interesting page about do-it-yourself 3D pictures, for “cross-eye free viewing.” I haven’t yet managed to get my eyes to “fuse” the pictures to see the 3D effect, but they’re very nice pictures even as 2D. You’ll have to scroll about halfwaydown to see the musicians, and you can enjoy some other beautiful pictures on the way.

Even if our son doesn’t go to Hope College, Holland looks like a great place to get back and visit sometime, for more than five hours.


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