Kit Kat Kar

This year’s Pinewood Derby car, I decided, would have no fancy woodworking or add-on pieces. Just a simple rectangular shape, so we could put our time and effort into a good paint job. Trying to think of ordinary objects that were similar in shape to our block of wood, I thought of candy bars. Al liked the idea, so I gave him the choice of what candy bar to use as our model. As you can see, he chose Kit Kat.

I had been thinking of Snickers, myself, both because it’s my favorite, and because it’s tall and narrow. The dimensions of a Kit Kat bar just don’t fit the block of wood we had to work with. But I had given Al the choice. Then I remembered that at one time there was a variety of Kit Kat shaped more like a Snickers. I went on the internet looking for pictures, but the image of Kit Kat Chunky didn’t look enough like the Kit Kat bars that our Cub Scouts would be familiar with.

Finally I found an image of a Kit Kat Mini bar that I thought I could imitate pretty well. We worked together on sanding and painting the overall red color, then I tackled the writing. I gave up on trying to add detail such as the ® symbol next to the brand name. Even my fine tip marker couldn’t manage that small a detail – and even if my hand could manage it, I don’t think my eyes could. As it was, the painting I did challenged my ability to see the details of what I was doing.

But the results were worth it. The car is no speed demon (one Scout and his parents must be really good at making fast cars, because he won first place tonight for the third year in a row), but at least it came in second in two of three heats. And much to both my delight and Al’s, his fellow Scouts voted it Best in Show. Here is his reaction:

I was pretty amazed and happy when my car was Best in Show. I kept saying “Wow!” a lot. And then I said it again. And I was amazed – OK, I already mentioned that. Anyway, I’m pretty proud of myself. That’s the very first trophy I’ve ever gotten.

I’m proud of myself too. But now I’m trying to think of an idea for next year’s Pinewood Derby.


3 Responses to Kit Kat Kar

  1. Paul Wynn says:

    I never imagined a Kit Kat bar getting away from me. But the thought of it now, makes me ill.

  2. Margaret Packard says:

    Hooray for Al!!! (and thanks to Hershey’s)(and Pauline)

  3. Karen O says:

    I like it! Good job.

    And congratulations to Al.

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