ABC Cookies

You probably think, from the post title, that I’m going to write about cookies shaped like letters of the alphabet. I would think that too, if I didn’t know that ABC stands for “Already Been Chewed.” I can’t quite decide whether to admire these imaginative cookie cutters, or to shake my head in dismay at the thought of spending money on something like this.

I really do think it’s a cute idea:

Fred’s cookies are so delicious that all he’s ever left with are crumbs, so he devised this devious ploy. Just bake them with bite marks built-in and watch your friends leave them behind on the tray.

There’s really no need for a special set of cookie cutters, however. All you really need is one cutter, just a small one that makes a curved and slightly jagged cut in the shape of a bite. And you can use it to “bite” off a portion of a cookie of any shape at all, to make it look “already chewed.” And since cookie dough softens and smoothes while baking, if you really want the best effect, you “bite” off the piece after the cookies are baked.

It also helps, though, if you’re a really creative cookie decorator. Take a look at this photo of some “poor bitten gingerbread men.” (Actually it rather reminds me of some of Calvin’s creative snowman sculptures in Calvin & Hobbes.)

I don’t do gingerbread men myself (around here cookies are expected to have chocolate chips in them). But I’ll have to see if I can somehow find a way to use this idea in the Cub Scout cake auction in a couple months.


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