Updating my blogroll

I’ve recently added some blogs to my computer’s list of Favorites (or bookmarks, or whatever your computer calls the shortcuts you store for easy access), and I decided it’s time to add them to my Blogroll also. That way I can find them easily no matter what computer I’m using, and you can check them out also to see if they’re worth adding to your computer’s Favorites.

One evening I was doing a search regarding the Bible and inerrancy after reading a good post on the subject at Parchment and Pen. One site I landed at was Dr. Platypus, and for a while I got sidetracked from my search, exploring and enjoying Darrell Pursiful’s blog. I’m still waiting for him to fix the link to his Bible reading plan (you can read his post about it but not access the plan itself), which particularly interests me.

Another blog I found that evening was Undeception. Besides some thought-provoking posts about the Bible, I also found several interesting posts regarding evolution. Unlike most blogs I visit, this one doesn’t have – as far as I can find – anything about the person who writes it. All I can tell is that his name appears to be Steve. But I appreciate the kind of discussions that Steve’s posts fuel, as well as the content of the posts themselves.

My new favorite, though, is Bob Hostetler’s Prayer Blog. I was looking for some poem-prayers that I had found and printed over a decade ago. I’m sure I still have them somewhere, but it seemed easier to find them again on the internet than to find them in my house. Much to my delight, I found some if not all of them (I found all the ones I remembered I was looking for), plus some that are new to me, among the prayers here.

It took me a while to find the Search function (upper left corner), so I simply paged through the Prayers of Others category. In the process I encountered several that particularly struck me. I will print these out to help me in my prayer time – and next time we move I will likely lose them again. But now I can find them again online – at least as long as Bob Hostetler keeps his blog up.

Two of my old favorites are A Prayer of C. S. Lewis and A Good Friday Prayer by Christina Rossetti. My two new favorites are A Psalm of Awakening and Hinges. There are also prayers found in Scripture and in hymns – one of my favorites is “O God Our Help in Ages Past,” which Bob modifies slightly in today’s post to personalize it as my help instead of our help.

On a lighter note, I have been enjoying Paul Wynn’s blog about life as a grocery clerk. I have no idea how he came across my post recently that mentioned – very briefly – talking to grocery clerks. But I’m glad he did, because our family has been enjoying the humor he provides.

As my blogroll grows, I have thought of trying to divide it into categories. But I can’t think of categories that would be meaningful. Several deal with the Bible and theology, but only one or two do so exclusively. Frankly, I can’t imagine what category I would put my own blog in, if I had to. (Can you?) There are some that have new posts much more often, and those are the ones I visit the most. But every now and then I drop by to visit the others and see what’s new – after all, quality isn’t determined by quantity.


3 Responses to Updating my blogroll

  1. Paul Wynn says:

    Lately, I’ve been more and more curious with religion. Thanks for the blogroll mention and thank you again for more reading material.

  2. How kind of you to say such a thing about my prayer blog! Thank you!

  3. Steve says:

    I am honored by the add. Thanks!

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