Merry Christmas!

I made this for my younger son, who had written in his letter to Santa (a school assignment, now posted on the classroom wall) that he wanted toys and games, a sweater, and “most of all, a nativity scene, because that’s what Christmas is really about.”

It started out in a smaller stable, which I had used to pack the set as a Christmas present to my son. But this stable was rather crowded:

Of course, the original scene (two thousand and some years ago) was pretty crowded too. Stable, cave, or lower level of a crowded house (the room traditionally translated “inn” more likely means “guest room”) where the household’s animals lived, it was far from the accommodations one might want for any newborn baby, let alone this special One sent from God.

May your Christmas be blessed with His presence today.


3 Responses to Merry Christmas!

  1. Karen O says:

    That’s cute, Pauline.

  2. Margaret Packard says:

    I like your sheep!

  3. Karen O says:

    Yeah, the sheep is especially cute.

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