Happy Halloween!

Alaric the Viking

Alaric the Viking

worried pumpkin

Worried Pumpkin


3 Responses to Happy Halloween!

  1. Margaret Packard says:

    Poor worried pumpkin. Now that Halloween is over, Pauline is going to make you into a pie! Nice picture of Alaric! Does he look a lot like his brother at that age?

    • Pauline says:

      I don’t see the resemeblance now nearly as much as when Al was a baby/toddler and looked so much like Zach had at the same age. But people outside the family still see a strong resemblance. I suppose the boys look a lot more like each other than either of them looks like anyone else. Similar facial structure, similar body type. But Al doesn’t have any of the wavy hair Zach has, and he has an overbite. And different style glasses frames. (I had him take off his glasses for this picture because Vikings didn’t wear glasses.)

  2. renaissanceguy says:

    Nice pictures. You must have had fun!

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