God: Cosmic Creator

Compared to A and B, the letter C can clearly be used in many creative ways to comment on the character of God.

Compassionate Comforter
Caring Christ
Clear Communicator (and sometimes Cryptic Communicator)
Conquering Commander
Central Character (of the Bible)
Constant Companion
Celebrated Champion
Celestial Conductor (of sunsets, thunderstorms, etc.)

I didn’t try to find supporting Scriptures for these, however, as the phrase I had already picked was Cosmic Creator. You need look no farther than the first verse of the Bible to find it: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” I think the most basic thing we can say about God is that He is the Creator. Just about anyone who believes in God – whether accepting the Christian understanding of God or not – believes that God created the universe.

Creation stories from different cultures vary in many ways, but they also have common threads – starting from nothing in the beginning except the Creator(s), or nothing except water and darkness and wind. Some Christians consider this evidence that all the stories have their roots in the one true story, later written down in Genesis, and remembered by various people groups – however imperfectly – as they migrated around the world.

A lot of discussions of creation end up arguing about the theory of evolution. I find the topic interesting, but a distraction from the issue of what it means for God to be Creator. Whether God created Earth and all its life through special creation in a relatively short time, or through natural processes over billions of years, He is still the Source of all that is.


One Response to God: Cosmic Creator

  1. Karen O says:

    I’m not sure there’s one particular scripture verse for this, but I thought of Comforting Counselor, which is a good description for the Holy Spirit.

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