These cakes are out of this world

I found out today that my 17-year-old son is older than the Sci-Fi channel. He turned 17 in March, almost six months ago. The Sci-Fi channel just turned 17 today.

In recognition of that anniversary, they have a display of 17 sci-fi themed cakes. These are the kind of cakes I can only dream of making. Just look at the detail in that Minas Tirith cake! I’d hate to have to cut into it to serve a piece.

I’m really not much into cake. But I do like the Sci-Fi channel. We didn’t have it all that long before we had to drop it to save money. But it was long enough to become fans of Stargate SG-1 (and Stargate Atlantis). My husband watched some other shows as well, such as Eureka. Recently he discovered full-length episodes of Eureka he can watch on (the Sci-Fi website).

But first we decided to check out earlier seasons from the library, so I could watch them as well. Last night we had a mini-marathon of Eureka, watching the pilot plus three more episodes from the first season. I had seen one of them, and occasionally walked through the room during other episodes. But I remembered little except that it was a kind of quirky show.

Now I’d say it’s a very quirky show. After all, Eureka is a very quirky town. I’ve no idea how realistic their depiction is of a town made up of scientific geniuses; there’s no explanation (that I’ve seen) of where they find the people to provide the more ordinary services that keep a community going (grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, dry cleaners, post office, snowplowing, and of course garbage pickup).

One thing I find very interesting about the show is that it neither glorifies science as the solution to mankind’s problems, nor vilifies it as the source of mankind’s worst nightmares. There is a near-disaster in every show (or sometimes there is¬†a disaster but a worse one is prevented), showing how very dangerous scientific experimentation can be. But it is not science, nor even experimentation, that is the culprit. Rather it is the people – very intelligent but often unwise people.

It’s not that being highly intelligent makes them unwise – there is probably the usual mixture of wisdom and foolishness in this unusual population. But their unusual ability to manipulate matter and energy, coupled with greed, pride, fear, or other human shortcomings, makes it rare to have a dull day in Eureka.

I’m not sure what a Eureka-themed cake would look like. But it would probably morph into another shape, or disappear into another dimension, before I could get a piece to eat.


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