Remembering Woodstock

No, I knew nothing of the rock festival that took place when I was seven years old. I liked rocks, and I collected interesting ones that I found. But if I ever heard rock music, I considered it noise.

I did enjoy reading the comics in the daily paper, and even more so the Sunday comics. (Though at that time I knew them as the “funnies.”) And while there were several I enjoyed (Blondie, Beetle Bailey, Henry, Family Circus), my favorite for many years was Peanuts. And while I wouldn’t say that Woodstock (who was named for the rock festival) was my favorite character (that would be Snoopy, although I identified most with Charlie Brown), I certainly enjoyed his interactions with Snoopy.

I stopped reading Peanuts after Schulz died, as I didn’t find it as entertaining to read reprints. But the sight of that little yellow bird brings back happy memories of sitting on the living room rug, reading my favorite part of the Sunday paper.


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