Recipe for fresh fish for dinner

  • Remember to sign up your child for the company-sponsored children’s fishing tournament. Also put it on your calendar so you don’t forget to go.
  • Find a fishing rod. Also take a bucket just in case you catch something.
  • Bait the hook. Help your child cast the line.not bluegill
  • Hold the fishing rod while your child gets a snack and a drink. Think of things to talk about when your child gets bored.
  • Put on a new worm when the old one stops wiggling (or if a fish eats the worm).
  • Notice when the bobber finally goes under. Let your child reel the fish in.
  • Take a picture of your child with the fish. Remove the fish from the hook. Realize that it’s not one you can keep, and throw it back.
  • Start with a new worm again.
  • Notice the bobber went under again (wonder why these two worms were so much more appetizing). Have your child reel it with bluegill
  • Take a picture of your child with the fish. Remove the fish from the hook. Realize that it is one you can keep (bluegill only). Put water in the bucket and put the fish in the water.
  • Offer to keep fishing, but agree to go home when your child decides one fish is enough.
  • Listen to the water slosh in the bucket as the fish tries to jump out. Hope it doesn’t jump out in the car.
  • Wonder how to prepare the fish for dinner. Look online for instructions on how to fillet a fish.
  • Find a second website because the first one was too complicated.
  • Find a fillet knife. Now find a knife sharpener. Ask husband to sharpen the knife.
  • Wonder how to kill the fish, which is still flopping around. Get squeamish and let husband do the deed.
  • Wonder how fish can still flop around after he killed it. Wonder if it’s like a chicken with its head cut off.
  • Go ahead and try to start cutting it anyway. Once the head is removed it will stop moving.
  • Wonder how many fish you have to fillet before it gets as easy as they make it sound on the website.
  • After fifteen minutes of effort, produce two small fillets. Get rid of the rest of the bloody mess.
  • Heat oil in a skillet. Rinse the fillets and dry with a paper towel, then cover in flour.
  • Fry the fillets. It doesn’t take very long because they are very small.
  • Share the fillets with your child. They are delicious because they are fresh, and because you caught the fish together.
  • Be glad you don’t have to catch and kill your food every day.

2 Responses to Recipe for fresh fish for dinner

  1. Margaret Packard says:

    Pauline, do you remember fishing for lake perch in Lake Champlain with our cousins? I wasn’t much for fishing, although Daddy had taught me, but I enjoyed eating them very much. Grandpa taught me how to scale and clean the fish (I don’t remember filleting). I do remember being squeaming and letting Grandpa do the killing, but I don’t remember any headless flopping. P.S. I still have the knife; don’t know if it is sharp.

  2. Pauline says:

    Yes, I remember fishing there, though I remembered it being with Daddy rather than Grandpa. I don’t know if I remember wrong or I’m remembering a year that our parents went there (there was at least one year we went with them, wasn’t there?).

    Everyone I’ve talked to in recent years says that there’s no need to scale the fish because you can fillet it instead. If you really want the skin on, either for taste or cooking method (apparently it’s good for grilling) – or I suppose for nutrition – Mother would have said you should eat the skin so as not to lose the best nutrients – then you have to scale it.

    But scaling is even messier – I remember all those scales flying around and getting on everything. With filleting, the only mess is the guts, and if I had managed to get the head off the way the instructions described, most of the guts would have gone with it. But my knife apparently wasn’t sharp enough, even with Jon’s efforts, or else not heavy enough, because I finally had to switch to a different knife to get through the head. Once it was completely off there was no more flopping, but there was quite a bit of flopping even after Jon pierced it in the brain several times, which he said should have been more than enough to kill it.

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