And more librarians

Our community’s intrepid librarians (see yesterday’s post) are a credit to their profession, but apparently far from unusual in their willingness to act counter to the traditional stereotype of the staid librarian. Librarians in Texas raised money by revealing their tattoos. Contestants in the Librarian Book Cart Drill Championships in Chicago are even more adventurous. I just may have to check out the online video of costumed librarians marching in drill-team formation with book carts capable of doing wheelies.

Apparently a lot of librarians these days are fighting the old stereotypes. There are martial arts librarians, bellydancing librarians, and a whole website devoted to the topic: “You don’t look like a librarian.” They also have a sense of humor: check out this web site on research into the library habits of marshmallow peeps (peeps apparently have a lot in common with college students).

If I had known the job was about a lot more than just checking out or reshelving books (seriously, it is!), I might have become a librarian. No tattoos for me, but I might have considered the drill team. (After all, I did flag corps in high school).


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