Guest blogger reports lucky catch

My guest blogger today is a 9-year-old storyteller with a great imagination. Most of his stories involve monsters, heroes, and superpowers, and audience participation where possible. But he also is excited about the opportunity to contribute to my blog post today. (Actually I told him we would work on it together yesterday, but it took until today to get photographs transferred from the camera to the computer.)

al and two fishmom and fish

Yesterday I caught four or five fish. That’s not all. According to Dr. Gipple (we were at his family’s pond), I caught the second or third biggest catfish and the biggest bass, I caught with two poles, I caught the most fish and most species. I also ate catfish.

You may notice the shirt worn by our lucky fisherman/blogger: “This is my lucky shirt” (also his favorite/lucky color green). It certainly seemed to be the case yesterday. After catching two bass and a bluegill, he was asked to help reel in a catfish hooked on another pole. Turning his own pole over to Mom, he made the catfish catch, then returned to find another bluegill hooked on his own line (helpfully retrieved from the pond by Mom, who wanted a chance to do something besides watch the fun).

Having caught so many fish, he decided to give someone else a chance to catch some. So he went off with some other children to see the sights (a waterfall, though he told me it was much smaller than Niagara). Meanwhile his lucky pole (or maybe it was my green T-shirt) proceeded to catch two or three more bluegill (we threw them all back, keeping only the catfish). I nearly landed a catfish, even though my line lacked the special hook and stinky bait designed for them, but the teenager trying to help me managed to lose it.

At home, I fried up the catfish (kindly dressed by Dr. Gipple – on right side of picture at left), and we both enjoyed it very much. Fish tastes great when it’s fresh, especially when you have caught it yourself.


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