Milestones this month

June 2009 is a big month for my sister and me – especially for her. Earlier this month she and her husband celebrated 25 years of marriage. This week her son will be twenty-one years old. And, I just found out yesterday, he graduated from high school. (He has Asperger’s Syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder. Like my younger son, who has a different autism spectrum disorder, he is very bright but has behavioral challenges in the classroom.) Congratulations!

As for me, my husband and I will celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary this Tuesday. According to the old traditions, this is the “china” anniversary. We have no interest in china, but I thought eating at a Chinese restaurant would be nice. He suggests a Thai restaurant, as he enjoys the spicy Thai cuisine. Fortunately, both are usually available in one restaurant.

I’m not doing anything to celebrate it, but I graduated from high school 30 years ago, and while I don’t remember the date I’m pretty sure it must have been sometimes early in June 1979. (And I’m pretty sure my sister graduated from high school 35 years ago, in June 1974.) I graduated from college 27 years ago, in June 1982. I became a Christian 33 years ago, in June 1976.

Oh, and Kyra (our puppy, in case you haven’t been reading this regularly) will be a year old this month.


4 Responses to Milestones this month

  1. tammie says:


  2. Karen O says:

    Happy Anniversary to you & Jon, & Margaret & her hubby.

    Happy Birthday to Margaret’s son (& congratulations) & to Kyra. (Chrissy turned 17 last Wed., & her best friend, Alta, turned 15 on Saturday.)

    I graduated high school 30 years ago, too (but in late May), though I’m a year older than you. Did you start school early, or skip a year?

  3. Pauline says:

    I skipped a year. I had been wanting to skip for a few years, even since I heard how my uncle had skipped a year because he went to a small school where first and second grade were in one room. He would do his first grade work, then turn around and do the second grade work on the other blackboard. So the teacher decided he might as well be in second grade.

    I would have loved to have skipped fifth grade, as I was so bored. But no one ever suggested the possibility, and I couldn’t imagine suggesting it myself. At the end of the first quarter in sixth grade, the guidance counselor talked to my parents about the possibility, since my grades were all so high but I wasn’t really being challenged. They gave me IQ tests and said I read at a 12th grade level (which probably says more about average 12th graders than about me), and asked my parents if they wanted me to skip. They left it up to me, and I said yes. They said I could change my mind and go back if it didn’t work out, but I couldn’t imagine doing that even if it didn’t go well.

    It went well in that I had no trouble doing the work. For a month I was challenged as I had to catch up with whatever the classes were doing, since it was in the middle of a unit. Then I was back to being at the top of the class and bored again, and now I didn’t have any friends and the seventh graders didn’t seem to appreciate my being put in their class and then doing better than the rest of them.

    If anyone ever asked my opinion about skipping, I’d say fine at the beginning of the year, but not in the middle unless you’re really good at making friends.

  4. Peter L says:

    Congrats, Pauline! Mrs L graduated in ’79 also, BTW.

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