Laundry dreams

Since I have learned, from comments on this blog, that other people have dreams about losing their teeth or being in a driverless car, now I’m wondering if other people have laundry dreams similar to mine. I admit I’m often not caught up on the laundry in real life, and in our house in Michigan our washer did sometimes empty water onto the floor instead of into the sink (we finally fixed that by securing the hose to the sink with large clamps). But my laundry problems in my dreams go far beyond anything I have experienced in real life.

Last night’s dream was typical of the milder version of these dreams. I was trying to find clothes to put on in the morning, and as usual having trouble finding something that fit me, fit the weather, and was more or less coordinated (no polka dots with plaid). Of course, the clothes that would have been best were in the laundry, which apparently I hadn’t done in quite a while. I was also sharing a dormitory style room with other females – most of these dreams seem to put my back in college – a variation on them is trying to find the shared bathroom so I can take a shower.

Some of the dreams have me actually doing the laundry – when I discover, after a few months, that I simply don’t have any underwear or socks left. (I have no idea how I manage to get along that long without having done any washes.) Sometimes I am in a dorm situation, where I have to wait my turn for shared washers and dryers. If I do manage to get my clothes into one of these, I discover that I have left them there for a few days.

Other times, I am trying to do laundry in a house, either one where I live (which may be the house I grew up in, or some other house that doesn’t particularly resemble any house I have lived in), or that of a relative (usually my husband’s grandmother, though it doesn’t resemble her house at all either) where I am visiting. There is almost always a leak, so that the clothes wind up in a wet heap on the basement floor. (I’m not clear on the basement part – the laundry room is normally in a closet on the first floor, but somehow the clothes emerge in the basement to be dried.)

I am always greatly relieved to wake up from these dreams and realize that there is no leak in our washer or our plumbing, and that there are clean clothes in my closet and my dresser (or at least in the dryer downstairs), and I will be able to get up and get dressed without too much trouble. As in my dreams, my closet does have a collection of clothes that don’t fit me at my current weight, but in real life I never have to go to the thrift shop in my underwear to get clothes to wear for the day.

I really don’t think I give that much attention to my clothes in real life. I’m not sure why they occupy such a large space in my dreams. No doubt they symbolize something else, not my literal clothes, but I’m curious what that is.

5 Responses to Laundry dreams

  1. Margaret Packard says:

    My guess would be that even though you aren’t especially preoccupied with clothing, it is something you deal with on a daily basis, both getting dressed and undressed, and every week with washing, drying, and putting away. And being suitably dressed is a minor worry. I find that I mostly dream about minor worries, especially if I thought about them that day.

  2. Karen O says:

    Yup, I have laundry dreams, too, but a bit different from yours.

    No polka dots with plaid? Since when? 😉

  3. Margaret Packard says:

    Okay, Karen, what do you dream about laundry? (If you don’t mind my asking.)

  4. Karen O says:

    Hi Margaret!

    Well, I often dream that I am back in an apartment building, with a laundry area. I realize I need to have quarters for the machines & am not sure I have enough. Or I have forgotten that I had laundry in a machine.

    I also, similar to Pauline, have the one where I’ve forgotten all about doing laundry & it has piled up really bad.

    There’s usually a little more to these dreams, but I can’t recall what.

  5. Margaret Packard says:

    I live in an apartment building, and this sounds kind of like real life!

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