Movies: Star Trek

I never watched the original series when it was on – I don’t think I ever even heard of it until I was in middle school. I vaguely remember seeing part of an episode, which must have been a rerun, though I don’t remember where or why. I wasn’t particularly impressed by it.

I’m not sure when I did start watching the reruns – perhaps when I lived on campus at a school where I taught, and some of the other teachers also lived in the same on-campus building (an office building converted to living quarters, with a shared kitchen and living room). Since we all shared the TV, we watched whatever the majority wanted to watch, so I became familiar with a number of shows I had never watched before.

I eventually ended up seeing all the movies with my husband, who had long been a Star Trek fan (he is wondering now if any of his old stuff – like blueprints of the Enterprise – might actually be worth something now). We watch The Next Generation when it fit in our schedule, and I liked it at least as much as the original series.

But when we saw the preview for this Star Trek prequel, I decided it was something we had to see. So we went today, and enjoyed it very much. It has a number of plot holes, but then so do most science fiction shows. That doesn’t make it any less entertaining, because the story is well told and well acted.

There were probably more references to the original show than what I caught, but these younger versions of the original characters do a good job of displaying the same mannerisms, attitudes, and even speech patterns. Whoever did the casting did a pretty good job of finding actors with reasonably good facial matches also, though I had some trouble seeing the older Scotty in this one’s face (the accent is certainly there, though).

I won’t comment on details of the plot – if you haven’t seen it, you’ll be able to watch it with fresh eyes. And if you do want to find out exactly what happens, there is an extremely detailed summary at There’s lots of action, lots of fighting, lots of space and ships –  and a few more aliens than I remember from the original series. It’s not what I’d call a great movie – but it’s a good start to the summer movie season.


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