Games: Mr. Peanut Matchup

My brain and my body are both operating in low gear (I stayed home sick with a head cold), so I looked for something not too challenging to entertain myself before bedtime. Another of the spyware-free websites our computer seller recommended was, so I checked it out. And Mr. Peanut Matchup looked like about my speed tonight.

It’s different from most of the other match-three games I’ve played, in that you can’t move just a single tile, but rather a whole row or column. And you can only move it if it will match three (or more). So I spent a lot of the first game trying to move tiles that wouldn’t move. But I’m starting to get the hang of it.

I haven’t figured out yet whether or how much there’s room for strategy. Moving one row or column changes the position of other possible matches, whether positively or negatively. I  haven’t gotten to the point I can look ahead and figure out what else I’m going to be able to do next – I’m just trying to make all the matches I can before I run out of time.

Of course, being on a snack vendor’s website, the game does look very appetizing. The peanuts, not so much, but the cashews and pecans look delicious. (I’m not sure what the basketballs are doing there.) I haven’t much of an appetite right now, but when I’m feeling better a handful of nuts would suit me just fine. And I have to admit, Planters’ low salt varieties appeal to me more than the more salty store brands. (I don’t have to avoid salt – if anything I tend to have low blood pressure – but I just don’t like the saltier snacks.)


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