Games: Ultra Block

I’ve liked falling blocks games since Tetris first came out. Actually, it was a Tetris-clone that I played for a long time, on the PC, before I ever had the occasion to play Tetris in a video game arcade. I quickly decided that I liked playing on the PC better, with keyboard or mouse controls, rather than a joystick that never seemed to drop the blocks exactly where I intended.

We bought Welltris, a 3-dimensional version of Tetris, for the Mac, and played that for years until it decided not to work anymore. My son has found various falling block games, but not appealed a great deal to me until I found one for myself this evening. The proprietor at the computer store we’ve started going to recently gave us a list of websites with spyware-free games for my son to play, and I decided to check out some of them myself.

So that’s how I ended up playing a CornNuts game. As it happens, I do like CornNuts, and I think I just might go out and buy some next time I’m at the store. Today for some reason I was wanting some kind of snack that I could really crunch down hard on, and CornNuts are the hardest-crunching snack I know of.

Anyway, Ultra Block is one of those games where you have to find a set of three or more contiguous blocks the same color, and when you click on them they go away, and all the blocks above them fall down into the places they left. At the same time, blocks are being added one row at a time on the bottom, and you have to make sure the piles of blocks don’t reach the top (same as in Tetris). And of course they get added faster as the levels progress, which on the one hand makes it easier to find more sets of three or more blocks the same color to click on, but the whole pile keeps going up faster too.

After playing at least a dozen times, I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. And it doesn’t look like one I’ll get tired of too quickly.


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