The Night before Tax Day

‘Twas the night before Tax Day and all through the nation
Were people regretting their procrastination
In filing their taxes. They hated the chore –
All the forms to fill out, all the forms to look for
All their 1099’s and their W-2’s.
And a great deal more paperwork, should they choose
Not the standard deduction but “Schedule A.”
Itemizing deductions – what a job! Would it pay
To compute all those numbers? – the interest, the giving,
The costs that related to work for a living.
Did they have the receipts? Did that cost qualify?
If it came to an audit, could they justify
The expenses they claimed, the deductions they took?

The whole job was so big, it was painful to look
At the mountain of paperwork sitting in wait.
But they had to get working! Just look at the date!
With a heart full of dread they got down to their work,
Filled out forms, calculated, and wished that the jerk
Who created this mess could be locked in a cell,
With a sentence to spend his life in Tax Form Hell.

I’m not trying to make any serious social or political commentary – just having fun with a timely topic and a shared distaste for doing my taxes. I finally knuckled down and got my federal tax return done Sunday evening, and mailed it yesterday. (Because Iowa doesn’t require state returns to be filed until April 30, I can procrastinate a bit longer on that one. )


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