April Fools fun

I’ve never been a fan of April Fools jokes, and as a child I was always glad when April 1 fell on a weekend so that I didn’t have to worry that someone might try a prank on me. (No one ever had that I remember, but that was no guarantee that someone might not try.) I did mention to my younger son this morning that his shoes were untied, and he looked down in confusion at his crocs. I said “April Fools” and he thought it was very funny.

I’ve been waiting for a few years now for one of our computer packages at work to be upgraded to a new version that lets you customize the color scheme. Normally green indicates everything is working well, and red means an abort has occurred. With the new version, it could be set to the opposite, or to blue and purple, or whatever crazy scheme one chose with the colors allowed. Sometimes I’m asked to fill in at the operator’s desk, and that would give me a perfect opportunity on April 1 to change the colors around. Unfortunately there are some incompatibilities with other software we use, and we still haven’t upgraded.

Family Fun always has suggestions on how to make food that looks like something else. It can be a nice surprise, such as finding out that what looks like green beans is really Jolly Ranchers. Or it could be a bit more prankish, such as zip-locked bags that don’t open or “juice” that is really gelatin. If we had been having a potluck at work today – or if I had known that one of my co-workers has an April 1 birthday, I could have brought in some unusually sweet “sushi.”

Various magazines, and now websites, post ridiculous stories or advertisements on April 1. Usually they’re so out-there as to be obvious hoaxes, but occasionally some people get fooled – especially if they haven’t paid attention to the date. Here are some that are considered the best of this year’s efforts. I wasn’t overly impressed by any of them, though I suspect I could food my younger son with the 3D web browser and the do-it-yourself 3D glasses.

Our computers at home are all turned off for the day, however, due to concerns over the Conficker virus. (So I’m posting this from work.) I’m not sure they’ll actually be any safer tomorrow, so I’d better check on whether they have all the latest security patches installed.

I thought of trying to make up some bogus news to post here, but I’m not particularly good with jokes. So instead I decided to try to come up with the headlines I’d like to be able to find in the news – if they were real and not just April Fools pranks.

Canine Translation Device Available for Beta Testing (lets you and your dog understand each other)

Global Warming Caused by TV Broadcast Signals (get rid of all those worthless TV programs and take care of climate change at the same time)

Hybrid Fruit-Vegetable: Great Taste and Great Nutrition (all the health benefits of broccoli and carrots, as tasty and versatile as an apple)


3 Responses to April Fools fun

  1. Bob Buckles says:

    I wonder if demons can whisper in our ears so that it sounds like our own thoughts. The Devil and his fallen angels go around lying. Give up your questions to Jesus and then trust in his grace. Rest in Jesus.

  2. Bob Buckles says:

    Oops! I should have noted that my previous comment was in response to your post on WMB.

    The Devil s a liar.


  3. Karen O says:

    I like your idea for the fruit-vegetable hybrid. V-8 came out with V-8 Splash, a mix of fruit & vegetable juices, which is the closest I think we’ll get to it.

    My kitten, Angel, went to the vet yesterday (April Fools Day) to be spayed. She came back as a boy cat!

    (Just kidding.)

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